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That happy woman.

4. Juni 2011

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  1. 4. Juni 2011 06:30

    wow :)

  2. 4. Juni 2011 06:49

    Eh si, sei proprio tu! :)

  3. 4. Juni 2011 07:37

    That is an interesting self-portrait, Sybille. It is almost geometrical, yet it has soft curvy shapes. You are hiding one eye in the dark, which holds a mysterious side of you. The skin colour is beautiful and what strikes me the most is that you are moving. Moving in your very dynamic life, and moving in your art? It hints to your next project. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Sybille permalink*
      4. Juni 2011 18:00

      thank you for yor comment dear Paula! Yes, I hid the mysterios side of me – that’s right! Eyes are the windows of the soul, so I don’t want to show everything – only 50 %. ;) Moving, yes! Dancing with the wind with my fresh washed hair, in a beautiful spring day! Dancing with all the art-ideas I have in my thoughts! The little waves are like the little decor waves on the little frame I received, there I will put a little print of this drawing in.

  4. 17. Juni 2011 18:46

    Ein tolles Selbstportrait ist das, liebe Sybille! Gefällt mir sehr! Die Faben sehr klar, sehr sommerlich, die Formen schwungvoll, bweglich und voller Glück. Und dazu noch dieses Lächeln auf den Lippen…super!!! LG von Rosie


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