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Transformation for trombone, violoncello, bass, saxophone quartet and tam-tam

30. Juni 2011

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  1. palletcolors permalink
    30. Juni 2011 10:43

    I can actually hear the music…… I would like to dance to it! Did you listen to music while you drew it? What was it then?
    Great drawing!!!
    Kappacavy (9)

    • Sybille permalink*
      30. Juni 2011 11:47

      Yes! While drawing this I listened to Jimi Hendrix and then to the audiobook „The Elegance of the Hedgehog“. There is no big correlation but that was it! :)

  2. 30. Juni 2011 11:02

    I can’t say this drawing rocks! But it does jam.The gathering of musicians improvising together in a jazz or blues jam-session is wonderful. The music comes from all corners and the instruments go well together. It is interesting how you choose to let the instruments be the eye-catchers while the musicians blend in with the background or are hiding themselves altogether. It is a happy, intimate jazzy drawing: the four musicians are concentrated on the music and tune in with each other the same way you must have felt concentrated and in tune with your drawing. Belissimo!

    • Sybille permalink*
      30. Juni 2011 11:55

      Yes, of course, Jazz was the kind of music I was thinking about.
      The most important part in my composition is the trombone, he plays the main melody. The four saxophones are doing „only“ rhythmic accompaniment in the background – therefore, they can be seen only on „indirect“ way. The bass is doing a great work (tum-tum, tum-tom, zzzzzummm… can you hear it?) and the violoncello is trying to underline the melody the bass is playing. The tam-tam player is just not on stage: his part comes only at the end of the piece and he is waiting and smoking a last cigarette so we cannot see him. (Ah! those artists! ;) )
      It was so fun to do this drawing! Now I need a creative composer that will write the music for this drawing…

  3. 8. Juli 2011 15:00

    Ein tolles Bild! Ich bin ganz begeistert von der Dynamik, der Energie und dem Schwung, den du dieser Komposition gegeben hast. Die Bildaufteilung ist perfekt und der das Bild dominierende Kontrabass erzeugt quasi eine pulsierende Stimmung, den rhythmischen Teppich sozusagen, auf dem die anderen Instrumente agieren können. Die Musik scheint von überall her zu kommen……Super!
    LG von Rosie


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