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V1MB <3

13. Januar 2013




È che davvero mi emoziono, e molto, quando fra la posta trovo dei regali cosí!
Grazie V1MB & sons!!!!

Richtig gerührt war ich, als ich im Briefkasten das Paket mit diesen schönen Geschenken fand.
Danke V1MB & Söhne!

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  1. 13. Januar 2013 15:01

    Lovely surprises in your mailbox. I hope the old fashioned mailbox will survive email and online banking. What if our children live in houses without mailboxes? What if they have to collect their mail at a postal office? Wouldn’t that be a shame to miss out lovely handwritten letters and cute envelopes with small surprises (and pretty self made postmarks)? :-)

    • Sybille permalink*
      13. Januar 2013 15:21

      Right, so it is! If the mailboxes won’t survive, I will take a few letter pigeons. Or owls in Harry Potter Style. ;))
      E-mails and phone are great but a piece of paper, a card, a child’s drawing, is really something else, something precious.
      Unfortunately, some weeks ago Poste Italiane made the postmarks more expensive! +15 % – +35 %! Arrgh! :(

  2. 14. Januar 2013 14:55

    Sono contenta che ti siano piaciuti i regali.. peccato per la penna, aveva proprio ragione lui!!!!!

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