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(Day after Election)

26. Februar 2013


La „Domanda del giorno“.

Die „Frage des Tages“.

The „Question of the Day“.

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  1. 26. Februar 2013 09:33

    Hi, Sybille. We are dealing here with the second wave of flu. However the Italian elections didn’t went unnoticed in the Netherlands. There is here a general disbelief Berlusconi would get more than a single vote. I think most of the Dutch regretted deeply the departure of Mario Monti. He has saved Italy from getting as low as Greece. To see him losing the elections has come as a shock.
    The Netherlands is dealing with its 4th recessions, so things aren’t nice here either and there is a lot of political criticism. Nevertheless, we are all aware that Europe needs to get strong again and that all countries might need to deal with an economical difficult time.
    I hope your elections will work out and I hope Monti will be appreciated again for what he has done under very difficult circumstances. Maybe a Monti-Bersani coalition? Would that work? I hope you are happy with the election results and hopeful for the time to come.
    Economics is psychology and the more people believe in a bright future, the better.

    • Sybille permalink*
      27. Februar 2013 07:28

      Dear Paula,
      it’s hard for me to express how I’m feeling.
      In South Tyrol, we did well and gave You-Know-Who no chance: 6 senators of 6 are with the Bersani coalition, and 9 candidats in the chamber of deputies (and only 1 for You-Know-Who). But unfortunately in the rest of Italy things went differently. I really don’t understand how so many people still could vote for You-Know-Who, after all he did the last 14 years. In this conditions it would be hard, or better not possible to govern Italy. I hope Bersani will find a way to deal with Grillo’s Five Star Movement (M5S), the not-politic-party. It’s such a strange and hard situation and nobody could say what will happen in the next hours.
      In South Tyrol, the bad situation of Italy will of course be like petrol for the local separatism movement, now more and more people will follow their dream to cut South Tyrol away from Italy: What are we doing in this state? We are so different! – they say. I still believe in less frontiers, not in new ones, and hope with all my heart that a change for new and better times for Italy will happen.

  2. 27. Februar 2013 11:16

    … bella domanda Sybille, ho cosi tanti pensieri che vogliono uscire dalla testa, e lo so non scriverò nulla. I tempi sono difficili, speriamo che il senso di responsabilità verso il Paese prevalga in tutti i politici eletti.
    Un abbraccio, francesca

    • Sybille permalink*
      27. Februar 2013 12:16

      Al momento non possiamo fare altro che sperare… e immaginare un futuro migliore.
      un caro saluto

  3. 27. Februar 2013 16:45

    Oh Sybille…

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