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“By loving forces wonderfully sheltered”

29. Mai 2013


„Von guten Mächten wunderbar geborgen“

“By loving forces wonderfully sheltered”

> sheltering picture for a farm

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  1. Elisabeth Platter permalink
    29. Mai 2013 06:45

    …wie ein kleines wunderbares Gebet! Sehr, sehr schön, Sybille !

  2. 29. Mai 2013 11:18

    Sybille, your colourful farm looks a wonderful place to live in!

    The blessings rain from the sky and the birds, mountains, woodlands surround the place. There is an abundance of vegetables in the veggie garden. (I love the way you provide us with a cut-through and so seeing the soil and roots of the veggies). There isn’t much livestock, which makes me think the farm is an ecological, vegetable growing farm, having only one cow for milk. Deer live close and this stag isn’t shy to show himself. There are the sun, starts and the moon.

    However, the most remarkable decision you have taken to express a feeling or thought are the 4 protective hands in all cardinal directions. What makes you decide to the open, giving hands? They have earthy and heavenly colours, which makes me wonder if they are human or divine.

    I hope you will enlighten us a bit more about this lovely drawing.
    It is one of your best.

    Love, Paula

    • Sybille permalink*
      29. Mai 2013 15:48

      Dear Paula, thank you so much!!
      In reality this farm has got 6 cows, but I drawed only one, as a symbol. It’s a small and ecological/biological-oriented farm, with a Grandma and a Grandpa, my friend and her husband and three little children. The also have some rooms for guests (tourists, often from Germany or from Italian cities who look for quiet nature and relax), you can see some picture of the farm >here.
      While drawing the four hands, I thought on the elements Water, Earth, Air and Fire. So yes, there is something divine in them, for me. I based the whole drawing on the song „By loving forces„, so I wanted to show a kind of friendly, loving forces, just like giving hands.
      I hope my friend will like the drawing as you do! :)

  3. 29. Mai 2013 11:56

    Liebe Sybille, ich schau mir Dein Bild an und habe das Lied „Von guten Mächten…“ im Ohr… einfach zum Träumen und Tränen kullern lassen. Danke für diesen Moment, der das Herz berührt! Ich finde Deine Hände mit der Spirale so schön, schon bei Deinem Imagine: Democracy-Bild.
    Alles Liebe, Martina :-)

    • Sybille permalink*
      29. Mai 2013 15:23

      Vielen Dank liebe Martina, ja ich mag diese Hände auch gern, wer weiß ob die noch öfter vorkommen werden. :)

  4. 31. Mai 2013 20:33

    Wunderschöne Umsetzung des Liedes/ Gedichtes.
    Die gemüsigen und tierischen Details sind herrlich!!!

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