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„In Everything“ is framed, too

14. November 2013

P1700681„In Everything“

Eine meiner Lieblingszeichnungen.
Sie muss bei der Ausstellung im Jänner unbedingt einen besonders schönen Platz erhalten! :)

Uno dei miei disegni preferiti.
Dovrá assolutamente trovare un posto privilegiato nella mostra di gennaio! :)

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  1. 14. November 2013 08:07

    Sybille, I have missed this one when you posted about it. It is a lovely drawing that will talk directly to the heart of children. The earth has a face, and a friendly countenance. The roots of the vegetables live and show their character. The cactus smile too, despite its awesome defensive spikes. All elements are personalized and -what is most wonderful- is that the fox is pregnant with a vixen (cute how you have drawn the placenta and umbilical cord too). I would love to see the reactions of young children on this painting. I bet they will grow very excited. Finally, there is an adult who understands the way they see the world. And that adult is Sybille.

    • Sybille permalink*
      15. November 2013 14:12

      Thank you very much, Paula! <3

      This drawing will be there in my exposition in January, I wonder what children will say about it!

      • 16. November 2013 13:00

        Hang it low, on children’s eye level!

      • Sybille permalink*
        16. November 2013 17:39


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